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Art and Me – How I Started

Unlike most well known artists, I didn’t grow up with an artistic inclination right away. My parents are just average Joes – my mom is a high school teacher while my father was a government employee. I didn’t grow up with a complete set of canvas either. When I was little, I knew I can draw, but I never saw myself becoming an artist one day. My when-I-Grow-Up plan was to become an architect. I ended up having a degree in Fine Arts, twenty years later.


Truth be told, the reason I took fine arts is because I failed in the architecture entrance examination. I’m not so much into art when I started. In fact, I almost hated it. I was going to school just because I had no other place to go to. Art in itself, captivated me on my 3rd year in college. It is when I was exposed to experimenting and freely express my own thoughts, emotions with the use of which ever canvass we are comfortable with.

I heard them say, everything happens for a reason. Looking back, i now understand why I had to fail that architecture exam, because I was meant to be artistic. Join me as I share my art work and also review other artist’s artwork in this newly published blog.